Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pancakes and Memories

Food, glorious food!  I love food and if you ever saw me you would know this is true.  To me food is the great equalizer.  Everyone needs food to survive and I've yet to meet someone who doesn't like to eat.  People come together over food.  Dinner may be on the menu, but memories are the main course. 

Not just dinner, though.  I can never walk past a pack of Nutter Butter Cookies in the grocery store without thinking of my irish grandma.  She always kept those on hand.  I bought a pack and fed one to my son and told him of how I would sit at the round, wood table in her kitchen and she would treat me to these cookies.  I loved them.  My son did not.

One thing he does love is how I serve up food.  Blueberry pancakes are all well and good, but pancakes cut into the shape of pigs are so much better!  It is a rare occurance when I don't make my pancakes into fun shapes.  And it's not just pancakes.  My husband has started a low cholestrol diet so when I made some biscuits that fit within the diet's guidelines they were shaped like what else?  Hearts.  I spell out our intials with the pepperoni on pizzas we make.   Paint smiley faces onto the bread of bologna sandwhichs with mustard and shape my meatloaf like shrek.

My son found this so much more amusing when he was younger.  Now that he's getting older I think he finds my culinary delights somehow beneath him.  He's become intrigued with the idea of being cool.  And sugar cookies resembling snakes are not cool.  So, I'll stop it all soon.  Maybe.  But, I know that even if I do stop there will come a day, down the road, when presented with a lovely stack of flapjacks my son will say to himself,  "If my mom were here these would look like the sun and stars." 
I hope the memory makes him smile.

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