Monday, May 10, 2010

Sign Of The Times

Top Ten Ways To Tell You're Getting Old

10.  The boy at the checkout counter calls you "ma'am".

9.  Favorite teen heartthrob is balding and recently appeared on show titled, "Where Are They Now?"

8.  When grocery shopping the first thing you do is scan each and every label searching for the sodium and cholesterol count.

7.   Your high school's 20th reunion is a pleasant memory.

6.  All the clothes you wore in high school are back in style again.

5.  You couldn't get carded for alcohol even if you tried.

4.  Saturday night's all right, all right, all right - for getting to bed early.  You were up at the crack of dawn chauferring the kids around town to their different sporting events. 

3.  All the songs you rocked out to as a teenager are enjoying a second life on the oldies station.

2.  This winter you found yourself telling your child, "When I was your age we didn't have snow days.  We went to school in the middle of a blizzard!"

1.  Your mother gives you the magazine, "Arthritic Living" and you can't wait to read it!

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