Saturday, May 8, 2010

What Makes Mom So Special

With Mother's Day coming up it's obvious what this is going to be about.  I considered writing a clever essay of the gift I'm most wishing for.  Somebody to come clean the floors behind my toilets, if anyone is interested.  But then, I got to thinking - What is it about mom that makes her so special?

Every baby is born knowing that there's no one else quite like mom.  She can be summoned with just the smallest effort.  In fact a new mom rarely has to be summoned at all.  She's the one standing over the crib marveling at baby while he sleeps.  Never mind that she should be sleeping herself.  Once a woman becomes a mom she's amazed at what one can accomplish with very little sleep.

No other person on the face of the earth will come into the bathroom to cheer your toilet bowl deposit.  No other person on the face of the earth even wants to think about that.  A mom dedicates hours of her life to thinking about it, smelling for it, studying it and discussing it with the doctor.  

A mom will sit through every horrible choir production.  She's the one sitting on the sidelines while your team loses 50 to 2 and cheering extra loud so that you know she's proud of your effort.  She'll say, "you'll get them next time" and you'll believe it because mom said so. 

Moms know everything.  Like each time you say that you washed behind your ears but didn't.  When you come in past curfew and blame it on a broken clock she's way ahead of you.  A mom knows what keeps you up at night, makes you smile or laugh til your side hurts.  She knows when you need a nap, snack, hug or time out.

A mom will run alongside your bike, holding on but knowing when it's time to let go and let you find your balance.  When you go away to summer camp and send home a postcard begging her to come get you she knows that the homesickness will pass and soon you'll be having so much fun you won't want to leave.  Mom knows that if she sits through your high school graduation bawling like a baby it will embarrass you beyond belief.  But, she'll do it anyway.  She also understands not to take it personal when you skip off to college without a backward glance.  

Each mother is a fountain of information.   She knows that recipe you're searching for, the best way to get a stain out of your favorite shirt and how to treat a sunburn.  Because of you she has known joy, happiness, pride, frustration,  fear and a love no mere words can ever convey.  She realizes that when she is eighty and you are fifty she will still consider you a work in progress.  If you know nothing else, know that a mom can be a lot of things:  your greatest teacher, strongest role model, insufferable nag and the only babysitter that you truly trust with your children.   Chief amongst these things is irreplaceable.

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