Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Christopher Columbus, Chocolate Cake and The Meaning Of Life

     Forget brides, June is the month of the graduates.  All across America this past weekend there were graduations aplenty going on.  While no one has requested that I give a commencement speech (shocking, I know) I think I do have some words of wisdom.  I'll let you be the judge.

Dear Graduates,
As you leave one part of your life behind and embark on a new chapter I would offer up these words.

     Go for greatness.  Be bold.  Do not let the naysayers cloud your vision.  After all, when Christopher Columbus set sail he was laughed and jeered at.  People waved him good-bye sure he was just a fool heading for certain death. 
     If you are to succeed you are also going to face failure.  They go hand in hand.  The truly successful are the ones that don't let failing stop them in their tracks.  
     Learn from your mistakes and move on.
     Do not play games with people's hearts and do not allow someone to play games with yours.
     Call your parents once a week.  They miss you and are wondering how you are doing.
     Place no value on material objects.  Expensive cars, large plasma t.v.s and designer clothes are easy to come by and easily lost.  Dignity, honor and integrity are the only truly worthy commodities to possess.
     Work at least once in your life as a server in a restaurant.  Doing so will teach you some important life lessons, such as:  When you greet someone, smile and say 'Hello', you'll have to learn to take orders if you wish to get paid, respond promptly to a complaint, sometimes you get stuck cleaning up other people's messes, but there is usually a reward at the end of it all. 
     Always try the triple-layered, chocolate cake for dessert.  Life is short and chocolate cake is good.
     Rise up against injustice.  Fight evil.  Search for the good and beautiful.  It is there to be found.
     Stand staring out at the ocean to feel small and insignificant in the world.  It is good for the ego.
     Adopt a pet from a rescue shelter.  It is even better for the ego.
     People will always show you what they really are.  Believe them when they do.
     In the end, life is short.  It's up to you whether the path you are on is joyful, pleasant or full of sorrow.  Find one or two good people that will stick by your side no matter what and you will never want for anything.
     Be kind.  Be brave enough to say, 'I'm sorry.  I was wrong.'  Be trustworthy.  If you can achieve these three things, everything else will fall into place.
     Good luck!

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