Sunday, July 4, 2010

Do You Know Me?

     Do you know me?  I've been around for awhile.   It's most likely that you've seen me out somewhere.  You think Nike invented branding with that swoosh?  Think again.  It was me.  I invented branding.  Now, I am known worldwide.  Sometimes, people see me and they weep.  Poems have been dedicated to me.   Songs written for me.  I've been shown respect, love, allegiance, and feared.  Once, just the sight of me inspired such great fear that 5,000 men fled from my sight.  I've seen the shores of Tripoli.  Been to the top of Mt. Everest,  North Pole and even the moon.  I am the American flag.
     I was created in turmoil.  War ravaged a nation when General George Washington paid a visit to the lady whose pew was next to his in church.  Betsy Ross.  The people needed a symbol.  Something to unite them in their common dream for a free country.  Thus, the American flag was born.  And immediately flown in battle.  And every battle since. 
    I am more than stars and stripes and fabric and stitches.  I am the cries for victory, and the tears for fallen soldiers.  I am battles fought on land, and wars waged at sea.  I am hope in times of turmoil and pride in peaceful moments.  I stand for everything you do.  I am the American flag and I am how this country signs it's name. 

If a nation is to stand tall,
it must first have citizens that stand tall. 


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