Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pay It Forward Fridays

I freely admit that I stole this idea.  While reading bluefroglegs blog I noticed she had an entry about something called Pay It Forward Fridays.  The idea is so simple.  Help three people.  Those three people help three people, and so on.  Here is a video that was posted on the frog legs blog.  With a curious fascination I watched the video, right up until the numbers were displayed.  The end result is mind boggling and I want very much to accomplish it!  Amazing.  Check it out:

So, every Friday I will come on here and list off some of the random acts of kindness that has occurred over the past week.  If you have any you want to brag about, please email me or make a comment by clicking on the link below.  We'll get it up there for you! 

Here is the list for today:

My ten year old niece has chopped off her long hair and donated the clipped ponytail to Locks Of Love.  She is awesome!

My sister-in-law's family has a member that is battling leukemia, and is waiting for a match so that she can have a transplant.  They have already lost a grandmother to this disease.  In their honor, her sister is undertaking a 100 mile bike ride to help bring awareness and donations for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Her second one this year.  For her first endeavor she rode around Lake Tahoe and raised over $4,000.  Impressive.  She could have stopped there, but she didn't.   What a great thing to do for family! 

This one is maybe not as steeped in goodwill as the other two, but today when I was driving home from work and attempting to pull out into a busy intersection, a car stopped to let me go first.  Kindness is contagious.  Pass it on!


  1. The posting was mine, but the idea wasn't :) I am glad you are spreading the word and appreciated that you popped over to let me know. SPread the love, spread the joy and good will, not that you need it, but you have my blessing:) Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks! I appreciate it. Like your blog a lot. Hope you're having a great weekend, too.