Friday, July 23, 2010

Pay It Forward Fridays

If it's Friday, and it is, then it's time for Pay It Forward Fridays.  Here's the deal, if you help three people, and those three people turn around and each help three more people, then you have helped nine people.  Those nine people helped will turn into 31,381,059,609 after just 20 people.  Amazing, right?  Makes me feel like what I do in this world can make a difference.  I encourage everyone to help out three people in the following week.  Here is a video with all this info.

Here are the three stories of people paying it forward for this week.

My mom is the epitome of helping out others.  This week she's in full swing.  Her uncle has been sent home from the hospital under the care of hospice twice a week.  To help out her aunt, who is working a full time job and trying to care for my great-uncle, my mom took three days vacation from her job and is spending it at their house.  Being there means my aunt can go to work and run errands free of worry.  My uncle is in the care of someone that loves him.   Tomorrow after my mom leaves their house she will head over to my sister's to take care of her dog while she and her family are out of town.  Just another week in the life of my mom.

The hubby also got the chance to help out another.  Our neighbor's dog got loose.  She is a great pet owner who loves her two dogs dearly and would never want them loose and on the run.  Unfortunately, the dog didn't see it her way.  He broke free one morning and with the sweet taste of freedom in his mouth took to the open road.  My son alerted me to the fact the dog was loose.  I wanted to help, so I proceeded to run around my kitchen, opening and shuting drawers as I shouted, "Where is that paper with all the neighbors' phone numbers on it?"  My husband took matters into his own hands.  He followed the dog to the next street and managed to get a hand under the collar.  When the jailbreaker was returned, it was to a happy pet owner.

My neighbor (not the dog owner) submitted this one about her and a co-worker.  My neighbor has turned up gimpy (her word) and is finding it harder to get around.  The co-worker has been especially attentive, stopping by her desk through out the day to see if she needs anything.  Seems a few years ago my neighbor did the co-worker a kind deed and as she wrote me:  you never know when the "payment" is going to come back to you. 

Nope, you never know when you will be the one in need, so keep paying it forward.  Life is a game of boomerangs. 

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