Friday, July 9, 2010

What Gets Left Behind

Can we all agree that life is complicated and there's always so much to do, and never enough time to do it all in? 

Anyone that exists in the here and now should know what I mean.  We all are flying by life, reading our list of things to do and placing our check marks in the boxes.  Start career: check.  Find a nice home and make it your own: check.  Take a trip down the aisle: check.  Two kids and a dog playing in the yard: check.  What more is there, right? 

Somehow, it's the things left off the list that matter most.  Hug mom and dad tight, then thank them for all those sacrifices over the years:  maybe, next get together.  Maybe, we won't ever get a next time, but we act as if there is always going to be a next time.   Let the little one crawl under the covers to snuggle for awhile longer:  alarm is going off and a million things await.   Maybe, we can snuggle one morning soon.  A morning when there isn't anything that can't wait.  If only a morning like that would ever happen.  Stop and smell the roses: stop and weed the rose bed, then move onto to the next chore.  Lots to do. 

Lots to miss.  Let the world move on without me.  We're having a family dinner.  No phone calls answered.  Nothing the person on the other end of the line has to say is more important than the tale my son is telling.  It's over meatloaf and mashed potatoes that we have laughed the hardest at corny jokes and impossible riddles.    Why fight the snow for a miserable drive to work, where nothing is going to get done anyway.  Stay home and take the family outside sled riding instead.   No kid will ever forget the time mom or dad did a flip off the icy ramp and landed in a heap.  On my list there are a great many things that will never get checked.  Never enough time, not even in a lifetime.   But, what gets left behind in the hurly burly rush, won't ever be my family.  I'll try to make sure they always know how important they are to me, by making time for them.  As long as that box is checked my list is complete.

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