Saturday, August 14, 2010

Of Books, Bird and Poison Ivy

Dear Baby Bird Killer,
This entry is dedicated to you.  There are some damaged people walking around this world and on Friday a baby bird and I, but mostly the baby bird, had the misfortune of crossing paths with one. 

At work, as I was going about my morning ritual of unlocking doors and beginning the day, I found a tiny baby bird sitting in front of the storefront.  The poor little fellow had fallen from his nest atop our building's ledge and hit the pavement right in front of the door.  He was hurt and crying for his momma. I placed a call to Red Wolf Sanctuary and Raptor Rehabilitation Center.  Following their advice I moved the baby bird into our window alcove to give him some shade from the sun, placed a tray of water at his feet and left him alone.  As the day wore on I was able to keep an eye on him since my desk sits feet from the window.  Sure enough, his momma found him and I watched as she twice fed him worms from her beak.  Confident the little guy would be all right I was unprepared for the blond, teenage girl that came along near closing time.  I watched as she stopped and gently ran one finger over baby bird's back petting him gently.  Suddenly, shockingly, she grabbed him in her fist squeezing until I heard him squawking through the glass.  Then, as if she were a major league pitcher going for a strike out, she threw baby bird head first into a parked car.  Baby bird didn't make it.  The impact was to much for his tiny skull.  Worst of all, was the look on that girl's face.  Such a look of menace and pleasure, all on one with baby fat in the cheeks still.  Not only that, but I rushed outside in time to see her give me a smile.  A SMILE!  She found pleasure in killing that bird and in seeing my distress at her action.  In fact she almost skipped along the sidewalk with her pink, fuzzy backpack bouncing behind her.  My first inclination was to give chase and squeeze her until she squawked.  But, I saw the house she went into and if the girl comes from the place I think she does, then life will extract it's own revenge.  And probably already has. 

I will never understand some things in this world.  But, this I do know.  One person can make a difference when they help three people.  And, when those three people help three people, then the world is changed for the better.

pay it forward fridays

Here are the three for this week:
My niece went through her books and donated some to a book drive.  Now, a school has some new books for their students this year.  Very nice!

In my neighborhood we have a store that is part gas station, part ice cream parlor, called UDF.  While I was waiting in line to pay for my gas a small greek tragedy was being played out over by the malt machine.  Seems two brothers had been given $2. and told to share a shake.  They couldn't agree on the flavor.  One wanted chocolate, one wanted vanilla.  To young to have mastered the art of compromise, it was at a stand still.  A man in front of me saved the day.  When paying for his purchases he handed over an extra two dollars and told the cashier to treat the brothers with a shake in each flavor.  Those kids were definitely happy!

Finally, my mom provided this story about her co-worker.  The co-worker's sister and her family were moving into a new house.  Only thing was the backyard opened up into a forest of poison ivy and weeds.  The sister and brother-in-law are very allergic to poison ivy.  So, my mom's co-worker spent her time off from work at the new house with a chainsaw, hacking out a backyard for her nieces and nephews to play in.  A great thing to do her for sister!  I only hope it doesn't give my sister any ideas.  Just kidding.  Sort of.

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