Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pay It Forward Fridays

Are you ready for the weekend?  Dumb question, right?  Whoever said, "No.  I want just a couple more days of work."  Not me.  I love Fridays.  It's Pay It Forward Fridays again.  Here is a video you can watch that will describe it all to you.  It's only a couple of minutes and at the end, when it tells you just how many one can turn into is simply amazing.

Pay It Forward

All right here are the three for this week:

This past week I spent the afternoons and evenings down at a park doing photos for a youth football league.  Every single coach needs to be mentioned.  These men are volunteers, they do not get paid for all their time and effort they put into coaching these teams.  Their paycheck is a sunburn on a balding head.  Payment for all the hours spent standing in the sunlight.   Only they're not just coaching boys.  They are dispersing pats on the backs, laughing at pathetic knock knock jokes, helping boys tuck jerseys in, lacing up shoulder pads and clapping endlessly as small boys stagger by in a get up that weighs more than they do.  They are showing young boys what a powerful role model in the community looks like.  Thank you Coaches, for loving the game and the kids that play it.

My rheumotologist is located in a big building in the heart of a college town.  Inside this building is security officer who performed a kind deed.  A patient apparently finished their appointment only to go outside and find a flat tire.  What's a sick lady to do?  She never had a chance to find out.  The security noticed the flat tire and gladly changed the tire for her.

Lastly, my mom is getting her house ready to be put up for sale.  She has hired a man named Keith to do work on two bathrooms, the kitchen and paint all the rooms.  Keith has added another job to the list.  Apparently, he noticed that on my mom's street the garbage is picked up on Friday mornings.  Every Thursday at quitting time he drags her garbage and recycling bin out to her curb and every Friday morning he stashes the empty cans back at the side of her house.  And no, he isn't putting it on his bill.  Just doing a nice thing for a lady that doesn't get around so well anymore. 

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