Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Say What?!

As children, didn't we all make a list of things we would never say when we grew up to become parents?  Things like, "Because I said so."  Well, I had a list.  And I may have kept to some of those things, but over the years I have found myself saying all kinds of crazy things that I could never have imagined coming up in normal conversation.  Things like:

Quit eating money.  We save pennies,  we don't swallow them!

I had thought that went without saying.  I was wrong. 

The toilet plunger is not a microphone.

But, if you almost close your eyes and let your eyesight blur, it does kind of resemble one.

Awesome.  I can sound just like Max AND Ruby!

After endless hours of watching Max and Ruby on Nick Jr. I found out that I could do a really good imitation of the little rabbits when reading aloud their Easter book to my son.

Please, don't pee on Grandma's head!

To long a story to get into.  I do have a picture of my naked baby boy sitting on my mom's shoulders, though.  She is laughing, but it all could have turned ugly in an instant.

The dingo took your koala bear.

O.k.  Not a dingo.  Just our dog and a stuffed animal.

And this is just a few years in.  Can't wait to see what crazy sayings the coming years bring!


  1. enjoyed your blog tonight....Loved reading some older posts...

    I have some new pictures of my little Buzz and my holiday blog has new holiday pictures when you have some a comment is all it takes for the giveaway.

  2. Haha, I like this. I never had a list but I always said to myself that I definitely won't do or say that when I'm a parent. And now, I find myself pretty much doing and saying all those things! I do catch myself though. I need to work on that! :-)


  3. SO funny and true! and btw- damn "dingos" -- ours had a little free for all on the stuffed animal inventory

  4. Don't pee on grandma's head...Funny

    Hello stopping in to check out your blog from buddy notes on blogfrog. Enjoying your site and will stop back soon

  5. Thank you for stopping by everyone! After I wrote this I remembered about 100 more crazy things I've said. Saving them for next time.

  6. Awesome!!! I love the part about you watching Max and Ruby. Isn't it crazy how we watching these shows so much that we absorb more about them than our children. See TV is really bad for us, lol! This was a really great post.