Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pay It Forward Fridays

Of all the words in the English language that are so wonderful to hear, it's those three little words that can lift my spirit and send it soaring:

     It's the weekend!

Last weekend I was stuck working.  This weekend I will be doing nothing but hanging with the family.  Good times. 

There is another good time going on in La Jolla, California.  A group of people with the Life Rolls On Foundation are paying it forward in a big way.  Life Rolls On is for children to young adults who have spinal cord injuries and are wheelchair bound.  The foundation is a way for them to come together and join in some camaraderie with other kids that know what they are going through.  Today in La Jolla they will spend the day at the beach for the "They Will Surf Again" event.  Everyone will be given the opportunity to leave their wheelchairs sitting empty on the sand while they take to the waves!  Yes, they will surf in the ocean.  Some will be given a chance to surf for the first time since their accident.  Some will be surfing for the first time ever.  Besides surfing there will also be food, and entertainment. For every one surfer it takes 7 volunteers to make it happen.  That's a whole lot of people paying it forward.

The lawnmower man rides again!  My neighbor is back with his trusty lawnmower.  This time it wasn't the family with newborns.  It wasn't even some one that lives on our street.  The house's backyard backs into our neighbor's yard.  The people that own the yard don't bother to cut their grass.  They can't see that part through their trees.  It grows to about three feet tall in the summer.  So, rather than start a turf war, lawnmower man went out there and cut it himself.  Now, all my neighbors that face the wild prairie grass don't have to look at ugly weeds taller than their kids.  Thank you, lawnmower man. 

My sister-in-law must be psychic.  I have started a new job, running a website called Macaroni Kid Cincinnati, but I still have my regular full time job.  On the day when I was ready to throw in the towel and declare myself a quitter I received an email from my sis-in-law.  She had no way of knowing but her email made my day!  She offered her help with the website.  Any way she could help and no payment, please.  Just an honest offer to assist me, because she thinks it sounds like fun.  So, my newest in-law is either:

     A.  A really nice person.
     B.  A person with a warped sense of what fun is.
     C.  All of the above.

Just kidding.  She a nice person and I'm grateful. 

Did you know that if one person helped three people, and then those three people helped three more people, and so on and so on, then just one person turns into 31,381,059,609 people helped.  It's inspiring, don't you think?


  1. Lawmower Man is the type of person we all need. The kind that just do it without having to be asked.

  2. Thank you Sunny Day! He's a good neighbor. We're lucky. Plus, he makes some of the best BBQ you have ever tasted!