Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Things I Do When No One Else Is Around

Things I do when no one else is around to see me:

Today, at work I dropped a big glob of yogurt on my shirt.  No one was around so I sucked my blouse into my mouth and licked the yogurt off.  Please, don't judge me.  It was strawberry shortcake flavored and I couldn't help myself.  So delicious.

When I'm driving in my car I often feel invisible to the rest of the world.  That is why whenever "Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus or "Kissin U" by Miranda Cosgrove come on the radio I not only turn the volume up to maximum, but will dance in my seat.  I know, I know.  They are teeny boppers and I am a mature woman.  I shouldn't be a fan.  But those darn little twinkies and their catchy beats get me every time. 

On the rare occasion that I have the house all to myself I often resort to talking to my two dogs.  That in itself isn't terrible or embarrassing.  It's the fact that I pretend they've voiced a reply and then answer them, that borders on the ridiculous. 

Sadly, I could go on and on.  But, then doesn't everyone try to smell their own breath by breathing into their cupped hands.  I can't be the only one.  And if I am then I guess it's time I quit announcing it to the world.


  1. Are you sure you aren't related to us? We have a Min Pin and we regularly hold conversations with him. Sometimes he even starts them.

  2. I love the pic of your dog on your blog, Sunny Day! My one lays like that all the time.