Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Mother-In-Law vs. A Root Canal

Did you hear the joke about the lady who would rather have a root canal than spend some time with her mother-in-law?  Only it's not a joke. a website for women conducted a poll, in honor of National Mother-In-Law Day on Sunday.   Turns out that 51% of women would rather spend the day cleaning their house than visiting with the mother-in-law.  28% would prefer a root canal over spending time with dear old mom-in-law.  Sounds pretty harsh, right?  Apparently not. 

 28% of women (the same dentist lovers, I suspect) label their relationship with their mother-in-law as "terrible".  As ridiculous as it sounds, 76% of women would never turn to their mothers-in-law for child rearing advice.  Only 64% of women would trust their children with their husband's mom.  I can only assume that the lady must know something about bringing up baby.  After all, you fell in love with the product of her experience, so she must have done something right.  Or, did you fell in love with a monster?  The kind of person you would never want your child to be?  Doesn't make sense to me.

My mother-in-law has held her position for the past thirteen years.  I could be wrong, but I wouldn't describe our relationship as terrible.  Mothers and Daughters-in-law have to navigate some unfamiliar waters at times, that's true.  We share a love for the same people and that forms a bridge. 

To be honest, I've never considered myself in competition with her.  She's accomplished what I most want to.  The lady took a baby boy, survived those temper tantrums (I've seen his elementary school report cards) and somehow churned out a man that has all the qualities I desire for my son.  If I don't turn to her for advice she never offers it unsolicited.  Which is the second best gift she has given to me, after her son.  Oh, and the dimples my son flashes; those came from her.  I love those.


  1. My daughter-in-law has done a better job on my son that I did. I still side with her about most things. I hope she feels the same about me as I do about her. She is my "adopted" daughter.

  2. Same here. I absolutely second your post. My mother in law sometimes might seem strange to me, but she was definitly a great mom to my husband, and she´s a great grandmother to my children. She´s quite nice, and I don´t think I could have done better than with her :)