Thursday, October 7, 2010

Speaking Of My Sister

Card given to my sister on her birthday:

"You have me for a sister, what more could you want?" 

What more, indeed?  Maybe her own bedroom growing up.  From the moment of her birth (many, many years ago) she began her role as my unwanted, unappreciated sidekick.  Watson to my Sherlock Holmes.  Neither of us were given the chance to pick our roles.  Separated by only a year we were treated more like twins.  Same toys every Christmas.  Same yellow rompers.  Shared bedroom.  A bedroom that I used to force her to clean while I 'supervised' from my spot on my bed.  

The bedroom where we used to lay in the darkness and whisper our secrets to each other.   The bedroom that became our sound stage every time the Holly Hobby Record Player was put into action with the Grease Soundtrack blaring from the box.  We spent many hours singing into our hairbrushes and prancing about the floor in a horrible imitation of "Beauty School Drop Out". 

Years later my sister became a beauty school graduate.  And I was there to watch her graduate.  We've been a part of all our biggest moments in life.  When I married my husband it was with my sister standing at my side.  The first one to congratulate me.  When I had news of a baby to broadcast she was the second person we told.  My mom was first.  Three years later when I became ill and had to have my gall bladder removed she was the one we dropped my son off to on the way to the hospital.  We didn't even have to call and warn her.  I knew that no matter what she would be there for me when I needed her. 

Life has made us sisters.  First friends.  Also best friends.  And mortal enemies.  Co-conspirators.  Staunchest allies.   Within the same day, usually.  I don't have to see her face to know when she's smiling in her home 20 miles away.  It's something felt over the phone wire.  She's the only one that I can complain about our mother to and know that she gets everything I am saying.   I love her children as if they were my own.  And yet, when my family brought her young daughter with us white water rafting, and my niece fell out of the kayak into the raging waters my first thought was for my sister.  As in, "OH MY GOD!!  I HAVE JUST KILLED MY SISTER'S ONLY DAUGHTER!!  SHE IS NEVER GOING TO FORGIVE ME FOR THIS!!"  Happily my little niece was scooped up by a river guide and given a 50 person cheer.  My sister did yell at me when she found out.  But, the next year she let me take both her son and daughter on another trip so all was forgiven.

Between sisters all is always forgiven.  Though it's usually drudged up every holiday and used over the dinner table for fodder.  We can laugh now about those things.  We're sisters and we share a language all our own.  So that's why I can end this with these words:

"Quit doing the turtle.  This one's for you.  May all your green bean dreams be sweet, Rockin' Robin"

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