Saturday, October 23, 2010

Friday Is The Best Day

We meet again, Friday.  

How I love to see you coming.  What can be better than knowing that the work week is over and the weekend is looming large?  What can be better than two days of nothingness?  No need to set the alarm clock.  No need to get dressed until noon.  It's the best.  Here in my blog world it's Pay It Forward Friday.  We all know what paying it forward is right?  One person helps out three people.  Those three go on to help three more.  And so on and so on.  Before you know it, the world is a better place.  Here are the three for this week. 

The other day at a very busy intersection an elderly man was trying to cross the street.  Hanging onto his walker, he was halfway to the other side when it broke.  Literally, it broke into pieces.  Two of the legs and wheels came off.  Stranded in the middle of the crosswalk he needed help.  Enter a young man in a van.  This gentleman hopped out of his vehicle, grabbed the walker and pieces in one hand, loaned his arm to the older man, and got them all across.  Then he fixed the walker.  Once all was well with the senior citizen the good Samaritan hopped in his van and sped off. 

To the National Guard man who helped me during my son's school field trip, I say, "Thank you."  Eight rowdy kids and I were in search of a herd of buffalo.  Someone told us where to walk to catch a shuttle to the viewing area.  They were wrong.  If you've ever tried to herd a group of kids,  you understand why I didn't relish the idea of more walking.  The National Guard officer standing nearby overheard some of the children moaning.  He told us to stay put and he ran all the way back to where the shuttle was.  Then he convinced the shuttle driver to come to us.  Thank you, sir.  For your service to our country.  For your service to my tired feet and aching knees.  For your willingness to jump in and help a stranger out, even though you were on leave and could have kept your head turned the other way.

Finally, I was a guest at a luncheon honoring a special lady.  She's a 95 year old trail blazer.  During an era when women were encouraged to grow up to become wives and mothers she chose a different path, earning her masters degree from a college in Washington, DC.  With education in hand she returned to the small town she was raised in, married and had several children.  Not one to rest on her laurels,  she single-handily raised the funds to build and open a residential home for the county's abused and neglected children.  Even painted the walls herself when there wasn't enough money to pay the contractors.  She brought the Head Start Program to her town and all the small towns bordering.  She has done about a hundred other things for the children in her hometown, promoting education and safe environments for the smallest residents.  Over the past sixty plus years she has saved countless children and made her town a better place to live.  When her name was announced the grand dame received a standing ovation.  With the help of a granddaughter she took the mic and said,  "Thank you.  But, I only do what you're supposed to.  I love my town and I try to make it a good place to live."


  1. I love your 'Pat It Forward' feature! Thanks for visiting my blog. I sincerely invite you to be a follower.

  2. It's great to hear about people helping others. I just wish it would become an epidemic.