Friday, December 3, 2010

The Life Cycle Of A Mom

The life cycle of a Mom is relatively short.  During those sleepless nights with a newborn, or the tempestuous toddler through teen years it may not seem like that's true.  But, trust me, it is.  Take my own mother. 

Looking back, it may not seem to her that long ago she was a new mother.  The beginning stage, where she met my every need and want.  In fact, she did it so well that I refused to let anyone else near me.   I know she found it trying.  Apparently, I could be difficult at times.  If she is to be believed.

Once, I entered my teen years everything flipped on us.  My own mother became the difficult one.  Demanding of information like, where was I going and who was I going with.  Top secret data that I wasn't at liberty to disclose.  She was not understanding.  Worst yet, was that when I turned thirteen my mom lost all of her smarts.  She became the lady who knew nothing, asked a lot of nosy questions and spoke dire warnings of "the long term" and "your future".  It's a wonder I survived her at all. 

Then, miracle of miracles, my mother's intelligence was completely restored!  In fact she somehow comes close to oracle level now.   Luckily, it happened on the day I gave birth.  Talk about timing!  It's a good thing too.  Who else would I trust to give my son his first bath, or assure me that he only had colic and wasn't dying of some strange, exotic condition that has yet to be recognized in the medical journals?

My mother's life is coming full circle.  The children she raised and set out upon the world have come back to her in multiples.  Four kids are now eight.  The grandchildren, of which two are officially adults, keep adding up.  Somehow, she keeps track of most of our names. 

Recently, my mom celebrated a birthday.  Three generations of moms, in various stages and of various ages, were in attendance that night.  Know one really knows how long a particular mother's life cycle will be.  Some are short and some are long.  Scientists can study the life cycle of almost any animal known to man and come away with an understanding of how it starts, progresses and ends.  A mom defies all scientific logic.  The only thing one can say for sure, is that a mom's life cycle may end, but it never truly disappears.  It echoes down through the all the generations.

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