Thursday, March 17, 2011

How To Tell If You're Irish

How can you tell if you're Irish?

Your mother and sister recoil in horror when you confess to using instant mashed potatos.

A very serious thing is treated like a joke. 

If you say, "I'll make a long story short" no one believes you.

Although you don't know the words to a song, are off key and out of tune you sing anyways.  And, seriously consider trying out for American Idol.

Your family tree is populated with the names Mary, Margaret, Catherine and men named John but called Jack.
Before a family reunion you have to be reminded who isn't speaking to whom.

A wake for a family member is a party by any other definition.

The only way to get a tan is if it's sprayed on.

You've often wonder why people say, "quick tempered", "hot headed" and "stubborn" as if those were bad things.  That's just being passionate about what you feel and think.

The Gift Of Gab?  Oh yeah, you've got it.

The Sunday morning church service is also an aerobic workout. Stand. Sit. Kneel. Turn to the right, shake hands.  Turn to the left and shake. Bow your head. Now, kneel, sit, and stand again.

There's a good chance that somewhere in your home is either a small picture or plaque with the words of a blessing, something with a shamrock on it, or a cross.  Or all three.

Hold the gravy, you take butter on your mashed potatos.

You've always got dance fever.

Feud is just another four letter word for love.

It takes an hour to say, "Good-bye" at family gatherings.

Intensely loyal, generous, friendly and helpful you hate to say, "no" to someone needing a favor.

You love to tell people that you're Irish.

It's March 17th.  Everyone's Irish today!

For my grandma, Geraldine Catherine O'Connor, a masterful storyteller and proud Irish woman.


  1. That could also be used for "how to tell if you're redneck" i answered yes to all of them so maybe I am a bit irish then sounds much cooler than redneck. lol

  2. your Irish grandma would be proud of you. love dad


  3. Love this one! They say I am not Irish but I got a sunburn today and the temp never went over 60 degrees here in Ma, my hair is never sure how red it really wants to be and I cannot ever keep track of who loves/hates each other this week in my family! Like you said everyone is Irish today anyway.

  4. Dafeenah, I have to admit that I never would have thought of these as "redneck" type things. I do live in Kentucky so I have nothing against rednecks. If the list matches then they seem like a fun bunch to me!:)

    Rachel, thank you. And your comment made me smile. I love funny comments!

    Dad, aka Irish expert for this post, thanks!! Love you too!

  5. Cute! I hope you had a great St. Patty's Day!

  6. Thankyou for the lovely comment on my blog! Love this post! Really funny!