Thursday, April 20, 2017

Love Letter To My Child

Life Lessons For My Child To Learn

There has never been a word invented that properly describes the love a parent has for their child.  All the words we use to define measurement fail to measure up.  Words fail to describe the breadth, depth and beauty of that love.  Yet, we never stop trying to impart these feelings.  Here, my child, are the life lessons that hopefully will be imparted to you, in the most kindest and gentlest way possible. 

You are loved unconditionally.
It may not always seem that way.  But, it is always true. Of all the things in the world that you will come to doubt, never doubt that you are loved unconditionally.

There is light in the darkness.
It might seem as if no light can crack the darkness. As if every pin light will be swallowed without a flicker.  Who cares how things seem?  Walk confidently in the dark, for there is light and it will find you.

Laugh out loud at least once a day.
Seriously, laughter really is the best medicine.  If the day has passed by without anything to laugh at, then think back to another day.  Google knock knock jokes, turn on a comedy, call a funny friend.  I don't care what you do, but don't go to bed without having laughed out loud.

Adopt a pet.
Rather, allow an animal to adopt you.  Rescue an animal, and they will rescue you right back.  A house is just happier when it's filled with at least one furry friend.  

Embrace change.
Nothing in this life remains the same, and we wouldn't want it to.  How boring would that be? Change is going to happen, no matter what.  It might be for the better, it might be for the worse.  Change is scary, and it's always going to be that way, but it also can be exciting and full of promise. 

Travel the world.
Life is short.  The world is huge.  See as much of it as possible.  Eat different foods, mispronounce foreign words,  buy the T-shirt to prove you were there.  Soak in every sight, and never stop wandering.

Allow grief and despair into your life.
Grief and despair will coming knocking on your door at some point.  They show up uninvited and unannounced.  Let them in for a visit, for they have their own lessons to teach.  Just don't let those two hunker down and outlast the welcome.

This too shall pass.
There is a reason why this saying has been around for eons.  It's because it's true.  This too shall pass.  Whatever 'this' is.  It doesn't really matter what 'this' is anyway.  Just know it's not here to stay.

Know your worth.
Determining your worth is something that you must do on your own.  Others may help.  To me, you are worth more than anything, or anyone, on God's green earth. In the end however, you must know your own worth and give no heed to what others might say. Never, ever settle for less.  Not ever.

Life is just a balancing act.
Life is all about balance, my friend.  Work hard - Play hard.  Float in the sea - Tackle those mountains.  Stay home with a good book - Have a night out with friends.  Laugh - Cry.  Love - Be loved.  Keep those scales tipping heavy on the good times - light on the heavy times.

You are loved unconditionally.
It all comes back to this.  You are loved.

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