Home Cooking

BBQ Meatballs

I have been making these meatballs for years (can't remember where I found the recipe) and my family loves them! They're easy to make and nice to have on hand for appetizers or after school snacks.


1 lb of lean ground beef
1 egg
1/2 cup milk
1 cup breadcrumbs
half a small onion, finely diced
dash of salt & pepper to taste

1 cup of grape jelly
1 cup of Ketchup
1 tablespoon of lemon juice


Preheat oven to 350. Mix beef, egg, milk, onion, breadcrumbs, salt and pepper together in a bowl. Form into meatballs. Place on an ungreased baking pan. Bake until brown. Cooking time will vary on size of meatballs. How many meatballs this makes will again vary depending on size. Average is 24 meatballs with a cook time of 30-40 mins.

Meanwhile, in a pan mix together ketchup, jelly and lemon juice. Heat over medium heat until boiling. Reduce heat and simmer until bbq sauce blends together. Stir frequently. Once meatballs are brown, drain any grease and then place in pot of bbq sauce on top of oven. Stir and simmer for about ten minutes to blend flavors. Enjoy!

A personal note: I use Stove Top Savory Herb Stuffing instead of bread crumbs to give it a little bit more flavor. Either way is good.